SHUR July 2013 Meeting


State Representative
Jeff Farrington

We are proud to announce that
Jeff Farrington is our guest speaker for July


Jeff is a small business owner who was first elected to the Michigan House in November 2010 to represent the 30th District, including the city of Utica and parts of Sterling Heights and Shelby Charter Township. He was re-elected to a second term for the 2013-14 Michigan Legislature.

He grew up in Utica MI, and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration as well as a Master’s in the Science of Management from Walsh College.

From there, he went on to serve as Vice President of a national staffing firm before accomplishing his dream of owning his own business. Since then, he has turned his attention to helping create a culture of job creation in the state.

His House committee assignments are chair of the Tax Policy Committee and as a member of the Commerce, Energy and Technology, and Financial Services committees.


When:  Wednesday July 24                Time:  7:00 p.m.            Cost:  $10.00
(Includes food and nonalcoholic beverages)

Where:  Nick’s 22nd Street Steak House
(S.E. Corner of Van Dyke and 22 Mile Rd. across the street from ABC Warehouse)

What it will be like to order a pizza in 2015

Ordering a Pizza in 2015


Have a Grand and Glorious Day and God Bless


SHUR July 2013 Newsletter

Happy 4th of July!

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We are about to celebrate Independence Day, the day that ended the Revolutionary War. 13 colonies stood up against the mightiest navy in the world to fight for their independence. With little money, and an untrained military they stood up like David against Goliath and won.

If our forefathers had been caught and or we had lost the war everyone that fought against England could have been tried for treason. Many of our founding fathers lost their wealth, had their houses destroyed, lost children to the cause, yet they stood tall and pressed on.

You see they had a vision of what a great country we lived in and they wanted to make sure that the mistakes of other countries wouldn’t happen here. They were God fearing people who knew that He led our country to victory and would watch over our country as long as we remembered that.

They wrote the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, to remind us that it is ‘Government of the people—by the people—and for the people’. That all men are created equal. That we have the unalienable right to the pursuit of happiness, freedom of religion, freedom to prosper as well as the right to own guns (not just to protect ourselves from bad people) but more importantly, protect ourselves from an oppressive government.

So as we celebrate our Independence please think about what is going on now and how important our country and all it stands for is to you. What are you willing to do to ensure that this country continues to follow our Constitution and Bill of Rights?

May God be with you in your decision. Have a grand and glorious day. Your friend & neighbor,


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