SHUR May 2015 Meeting Wed 05-27-15 @7:00PM


May 27 Meeting Featuring


Michelle Trosper

Michelle will be showing the second part of the video that was started last month:  How can we protect our liberties if we do not know exactly what they are?
Please join us!

WHEN: Wednesday, May 27th

TIME: 7 P.M.

COST: $10 (Includes food and nonalcoholic beverages)

WHERE:  Nick's 22nd Street Steak House (SE Corner of Van Dyke and 22 Mile Rd. Across the street from ABC Warehouse)


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Words From the Chair

Prop 1 goes down to defeat 80% to 20%

Prop 1 went down with a rip roaring defeat.  Quite an impressive win.  Yet what we have accomplished was the easy part.  The hard part is where we go from here.  We have got our toe in the door.  Do we go home and wait to see what happens next or do we open the door wide and walk in?  Do we pay attention to what they are doing and make sure they know what we want and that we aren't going to take anything less?  Do we start by taking back our country locally and move on?  It is up to you to pay it forward my friends.  I for one am staying here and entering the room.  I hope and pray that you will take my hand and enter the room also.  We need to do it for the kids and our illustrious Heroes Overseas!  Please take this leap with us and help us win.


Contact your State Rep and Senator and tell them you won't vote for any new taxes to pay for roads!

It's time to reprioritize spending


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Have a grand and glorious day.  God Bless