SHUR January 2016 Meeting Wednesday 01-27-16 @7:00PM


January 27th Meeting Featuring:





Gary Kubiak

Bio:  I worked 38 years in the printing paper industry. 30 of those years as a salesmen in the metro Detroit area, selling to commercial print shops. Been retired now for 5 years. I have been president of the SE Michigan 9.12 Tea Party for 3 plus years and have gotten to know great patriotic people who want to make a difference in preserving our freedoms of this great country. (More info available)

Gary will be presenting information about the Refugee Resettlement Program

Nahren Anweya 

Bio:  My father worked for the U.S. Embassy in Iraq during the Iran – Iraq War and in the years preceding Operation Desert Storm.  Many Assyrian Christians died as a result of Saddam Hussein's al-Anfal campaign.  When I was six years of age, my family was moved to the United States since our lives had been threatened by Saddam’s regime and I remember my mother shedding tears while holding my hand as we left our entire life behind in just a few days.  I am a first generation American of native Assyrian descent. Additionally, I am a member of the Assyrian Church of the East.  Many people ask me where my passion came from and I would say my family and hearing the victim's endless stories while the native Assyrian's (also religiously known as Chaldeans and Syriacs) of Iraq are on their knees and being caught in the middle of religious fanatics for centuries and it's just getting worse since the fall of our empire/autonomy. My father was the first Assyrian American to receive the Purple Heart award helping Americans in their mission to safeguard dangerous areas in Iraq. As many historians know, Christians have been persecuted in the Near East since the early seventh century.  In fact, both of my great grandfathers were murdered by the Kurdish Muslims with the Ottoman Empire. One was crucified, and the other was stabbed to death. They were both victims of Seyfo. (More info available)



WHEN: Wednesday, January 27th

TIME: 7 P.M.

COST: $10 (Includes food and nonalcoholic beverages)

WHERE:  Nick's 22nd Street Steak House (SE Corner of Van Dyke and 22 Mile Rd. Across the street from ABC Warehouse)


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