SHUR MAY 2020 Meeting


SHUR is sad to announce that the May meeting has been canceled due to Governor Whitmer extending the close down of restaurants except for Take Out and Delivery.  I’m praying that we can meet in June.

Does this anger you?  Do you think that we should be working to safely reopen businesses and put people back to work?  If so please contact your State Senator and State Representative and tell them you support them suing the Governor for keeping the state shut down.

While you are home and have extra time please take this time to vet candidates on the Aug. primary and when you decide whom you want to vote for, contact 1 or more of them and offer them your help.  This is going to be a very different campaign year.  Candidates aren’t able to go door to door to meet the voters.  They aren’t able to hold fundraisers.  So right now the only way to get their name out is to do mailings and through social media.  Mailings are extremely expensive and I’m not sure that printers are open, with the mail service being the way it is it could take much longer for the mailings to get delivered.  Please offer too:

1.  Send out friendship cards for the candidate

  1. Phone Call
  2. Donate Money for flyers
  3. Pray  (May 7, 2020 is the National Day of Prayer)
  4. Send out social media notices about your candidate/s

Thank you and all God’s blessings to you.  Please stay safe from the evil virus and help save our country.

Link to Candidates                              Link to Precinct Delegate Candidates                                          


Carry Out Service

Steakhouse 22 better known as Nick’s
is still open for carry outs only.
Friday & Saturday  3 to 8   Sunday 2 to 7

Phone #  586-731-3900

SHUR Newsletter: May 2020

Have a grand and glorious day.  God Bless