SHUR JUNE 2020 Meeting


SHUR is sorry to announce that because of the circumstances of restaurants just re-opening and such we have decided to call off the June meeting. We are hopeful that we will be having our July meeting.

If any of you have a question or a concern, please feel free to contact Philis: 586-254-1284 or

August 4th Primary

The primary will be held on August 4th.  Please make sure you vet the candidates and get out and vote.  Also, please urge your neighbors, friends, relatives, etc., to get out and vote also.    This is a very important primary and could very well determine the direction of our country for decades to come.  If you Love our Country and want it to stay a Constitutional Republic it is imperative that we work for the candidates of our choice and get the people out to vote.  Thank you and God bless.


We Pray that you are all well and surviving the evil viruses out there.

Please read the Newsletter.  It has a lot of information that should interest you.

Steakhouse 22

better known as Nick’s 22nd Street Steak House

is going to be open for customers to eat there.  Please, if you are going to be dining out, don’t forget to eat at Nick’s.  Remember how good their food is and how clean their restaurant has always been.  They are our good friends and have been there for years for us.  It is time to pay them back.  Let me know if you went there to eat.  Thanks so much and all God’s blessings.

WHERE:  S/E Corner of Van Dyke and 22 Mile Rd.

Link to Candidates                              Link to Precinct Delegate Candidates                                          


SHUR Newsletter: June 2020

Have a grand and glorious day.  God Bless


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