Important Election Information

Our Votes are Very Critical this Year

We are now very close to the Presidential, Nov. 3 election. It has been a very different election this time around. The SOC never sent out ballot requests like she did this year, before. Mostly no one worried about their AV ballot getting to the clerk’s office in time to be counted. The rules weren’t so confusing. You didn’t think to much about going to the clerk’s office and voting early unless you were called out of town, etc.

Here Are Some Handy Ideas Regarding Casting Your AV Ballot

If you already voted but haven’t returned your AV ballot to the clerk’s office as yet, please don’t mail it in.  It might not get there in time.  Please take it to one of the drop boxes around your community or your clerk’s office. 

According to the envelope that came with your AV ballot only you, or someone related to your or someone who lives in your household can return your AV ballot.  Please don’t give it to anyone else to return for you.

If you mailed it in please contact your clerk’s office and find out that they have received it.  You can also go to the SOS website and check there too.  If they haven’t received it ask them what to do.  If you mailed it last week or this week and it hasn’t gotten there please ask what to do.  You might want to go there and cancel out the ballot and revote. 

If you changed your mind about who you voted for you can go to the clerk’s office and tell them you want to revote and they will cancel out your original ballot and give you a new one and you can vote right there on the spot.

Thank you for voting.  If you got out and worked for a candidate/s then God bless you.  This is the most critical election in our lifetime and it is imperative that we get it right!

Please contact your candidate/s and see if they need help at the polls and go hand out lit for them for a hour or more.

Please contact the Republican Party and ask them if they need anyone to be a poll watcher that day.  Maybe you can do that for a few hours also.  See contact people and phone #s below

Kaitlin Viar
(517) 599-8349
44529 Schoenherr Rd
Sterling Heights MI 48313
South of Hall Road, in Pier 1 strip mall
Jackie Eubanks:  517-897-6111

If for no other reason, please do it for our kids, grandkids, great grand kids, etc.

Please don’t let them change our Constitutional Republic into a socialist form of government. 

Thank you so much!

Find Sterling Heights Election and Voting Info at site below

May God help us to re elect Trump and take back the House and get more Rs. in the Senate.


Have a grand and glorious day.  God Bless



Have a grand and glorious day.  God Bless