SHUR January 2021 Update

Happy New Year from SHUR and its officers

We are finally in January of 2021. We still are in a quandary about what is going to happen this year and what we will have to do to fix it. Will SHUR be able to have any more meetings? Will you still want to be a member and come to meetings?

Steakhouse 21, better known as Nick’s is open Thursday through Sunday for takeout only. It opens at 3 p.m. There phone # is 586-731-3900 if you would like to call and place an order or get information regarding what they are serving that day. Please keep this in mind when you want to order food. Thank you.


Dear friends,

It appears that congress approved the election of Biden. That is hard to swallow. We know that it is really a big blow and hard to deal with. But this doesn’t mean that you can go home and stop participating. Now is the critical time to get involved. Our Constitution says Government of the people by the people and for the people. We are the Board of Directors of this big Government Corporation and we hire the CEO’s etc. that do the day to day operations of our government through elections. It is up to us to tell them what we want them to do. When they do it we need to stand up behind them and cover their backs. But when they don’t it is our duty to get the courage to stand up to them and give them consequences for their actions. These consequences could be recalling them or not electing them the next time around. We must do our duty to God and our Country. Please pray and pray some more and may we help save our country and the people also. God bless all of you.


Have a grand and glorious day.  God Bless


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