About SHUR

SHUR: What is its Purpose?

SHUR is an Independent PAC registered at the Secretary of States Office.

We are required to file finance reports, explaining where every penny donated to SHUR came from and report every penny spent and what we spent it on and who got the money. Then we have to relate how much money we have in our checking account. There are deadlines and if we don’t meet them we will be fined.

SHUR is here to educate its members and other people who come to the meetings and or receive our newsletters etc., regarding what is going on in Sterling Heights and Utica as well as other communities, county, state, schools, and federal governments. We research issues and try to get guest speakers to come and talk to us about pertinent issues. We educate our constituency regarding ballot proposals, candidates for office and we are a forum for elected servants to talk about what they are doing and what is going on at the various levels of government. Here candidates can tell you about themselves and answer questions. Additionally we encourage all to get involved and help candidates of their choice, work for or against ballot issues, attend rallies, run for office, donate money, etc.

No one gets elected by themselves, the important people are you the voters. But it doesn’t end there. We have to stay involved and watch over the elected servants at all levels to be sure that they are living up to their promises. Stand behind them to help keep them strong and let them know that there are consequences to their not doing what they promised.

All are welcome to come to our meetings and or join SHUR.


Please join SHUR.  Click here for a Member Application.

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